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Our Team

Meet the heart and soul of Fiducia; the people who make the magic happen


Claire Piper started her AML/CFT Compliance career in 2013. Legally trained with a background in policy, she saw that financial service providers in New Zealand were struggling with the confusing and fast-moving regulatory changes.

Why, she asked, was AML/CFT compliance in New Zealand so painful? How do we ensure the purpose of AML/CFT compliance is clear and the AML/CFT compliance regime is simple and radically effective for businesses. And how can we create relationships between businesses and their regulatory supervisors that are strong and constructive.

With these questions top of mind, Fiducia was born in 2015. Fiducia consultants are thought leaders in AML/CFT Compliance. Consultants must focus on the existing strengths of a business and build capacity within teams before they leave.  Our documents and tools are in plain English and easy to use.

Deborah Crowe joined Claire in 2016, to provide business operations support and to drive a digital offering of compliance tools. With AML/CFT Phase 2 in 2017, and the changes coming as a result of newer FinTech businesses, they can see the need for a fully digitised AML/CFT platform serving a global audience. And so, Isonomy was born. Leveraging all the knowledge gained via working with Fiducia clients, Isonomy now provides the industry specific digital resources and is building a full governance reporting platform.

Marty Robinson has now joined the Fiducia team direct to provide excellent consultancy services, and to build the Fiducia team. Claire and Deborah continue to provide guidance and governance to Fiducia, while now developing the Isonomy offering.

Together, we provide sleek and simple AML/CFT digital products and solutions to old compliance problems, and we love doing it. We work with you, wherever you are. Come join us.


CLAIRE PIPER | Founding Director & CEO

LLB/BA (Hons)

claire.piper@fiducia.co.nz | +64 21 256 1641

Member of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists

With a career background in policy development and commercial negotiation, Claire is attracted to industries that require perseverance, creative thinking and new approaches to old problems.

It is this knack for creating elegant business solutions for complex, legislative policies that drew her into the compliance world.

An AML/CFT compliance consultant since 2013, Claire offers a fresh approach to businesses compliance requirements, specifically turning what can be a sometimes chaotic, reactive scramble into an asset that enhances a business’s overall strategy.

Claire’s obsessive in watching international trends in financial regulatory compliance to prepare Fiducia’s clients for what’s coming. It’s exciting.

Claire surfs and does yoga in an ongoing, fruitless attempt to chill out. She’s obsessed with her dog, Bobby Bean Sprout.

To connect with Claire, see Claire’s LinkedIn.

DEBORAH CROWE | Executive Director & COO

B.E (Hons); Grad Dip Design; Diploma in Facilitation

deborah.crowe@fiducia.co.nz | +64 21 776 769

Member of the Institute of Directors, New Zealand.

With 25 years of experience and several successful start-up ventures to her name, Deborah provides the business management and takes care of the day to day operational aspects of Fiducia.

In an industry that is dynamic and complex, Deborah develops streamlined procedures and tools that make the demands of AML/CFT compliance simple and clear. With an entrepreneurial background, degree in electrical engineering and a post-graduate diploma in design, her rare mix of creativity and technical expertise manifest in simple, elegant AML/CFT compliance solutions.

Leveraging her general business and governance experience, Deborah is also known to provide a pragmatic perspective to the implications of AML/CFT compliance and creative ideas as to how it can become an asset, not a chore.

Deborah practices the Way of Nature and knows that wisdom is to be found in our natural environment. She also knows wisdom is to be found in a glass of Central Otago Pinot Noir.

To connect with Deborah, see Deborah’s LinkedIn.

MARTY ROBINSON | Compliance Consultant


marty.robinson@fiducia.co.nz+64 21 455 494

Marty has a length legal career legal career investigating, defending and prosecuting money laundering and fraud. He comes to us direct from the DIA where he oversaw the Department’s litigation, focusing particularly on AML/CFT work. He was one of the two key AML/CFT lawyers instrumental in the development of the Department’s approach to AML/CFT regulation, advising the Phase II Team sector guidance for lawyers and conveyancers and amendments.

Marty loves working closely with clients to understand the heartbeat of their business, believing that this partnership brings the best solutions to the risks from criminals – and the risks from regulators if they’re poorly prepared. Marty clearly knows how to inoculate businesses against AML/CFT risks, and how to bring them to swift compliance comfort without pain.

Marty keeps life interesting with the unalloyed pleasures of ceaseless washing, scrubbing and shouting for 3 young children.  Before fatherhood, he once enjoyed water and snow sports, music, and socialising with people unrelated to childcare.

To connect with Marty, see Marty’s LinkedIn.

Fiducia were great. Our favourite part was the face to face communication, working side-by-side personally in the office. Not only did it make things easier and transparent but they are great people and we managed to have the odd joke here and there while working on something serious.

Michael Walker, Managing Director, BlackBull Markets