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Our Team

Meet the heart and soul of Fiducia; the people who make the magic happen


Why, Claire asked, was compliance so hard?

When Claire started Fiducia in 2014 she saw financial and professional service providers were confused and stressed about their regulatory obligations.

Claire knew what she needed to do. She needed to build a firm that provided innovative, accountable, and transparent AML/CFT and associated compliance services.

She needed to become the compliance partner of the best businesses in New Zealand and demonstrate how AML/CFT, and associated regulatory regimes, can be simple and radically effective.

She knows that viewing compliance as a cost centre is a lost opportunity. Compliance is a doorway to integrity and trust in the financial and professional services industries. She sees her clients, her clients’ customers, and the New Zealand economy increase in value when compliance regimes are simple and robust.

It’s Fiducia’s privilege to have the opportunity to work with you.


CLAIRE PIPER | Founding Director & CEO

LLB/BA (Hons)

claire.piper@fiducia.co.nz | +64 21 256 1641

Member of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists

With a career background in policy development and commercial negotiation, Claire is attracted to industries that require perseverance, creative thinking and new approaches to old problems.

It is this knack for creating elegant business solutions for complex, legislative policies that drew her into the compliance world.

An AML/CFT compliance consultant since 2013, Claire offers a fresh approach to businesses compliance requirements, specifically turning what can be a sometimes chaotic, reactive scramble into an asset that enhances a business’s overall strategy.

Claire’s obsessive in watching international trends in financial regulatory compliance to prepare Fiducia’s clients for what’s coming. It’s exciting.

Claire surfs and does yoga in an ongoing, fruitless attempt to chill out. She’s obsessed with her dog, Bobby Bean Sprout.

To connect with Claire, see Claire’s LinkedIn.

OLIVIA COSFORD | Operations Manager

olivia.cosford@fiducia.co.nz | +64 020 4134 9245

Olivia is the operational grease that keeps the Fiducia wheels turning.

Having worked for some of the most prestigious law firms in New Zealand and Australia as a legal secretary, Olivia knows how to ensure the Fiducia team’s business development and administrative operations are running with excellence.

You know when you hear from Olivia that the job is getting done – she’s arranging our client engagements, managing our time, and ensuring deadlines are met. You’ll hear from Olivia when there is a booking to be made or an invoice to be issued.

Olivia knew she belonged in the Fiducia office when she discovered that Cheds Cheese Crackers are the official Fiducia team snack. She has an extremely fluffy cat called Jeff and a slightly less fluffy partner called Will. They’re looking to buy a house, please call her with a deal.

To connect with Olivia see Olivia’s LinkedIn.