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You must undertake an independent AML/CFT audit every two years, or if your supervisor asks you to. As long as we haven’t already helped you with your risk assessment and programme, Fiducia is suitably qualified to audit all reporting entities in New Zealand.

More than a procedural box-tick, Fiducia’s independent AML/CFT audits are a way for you, your board, and your supervisor to gain invaluable insights into your business. 

There are no official guidelines around who is defined as an AML/CFT auditor which causes a lot of anxiety within businesses and nervousness around engaging a legitimate auditor. Fiducia is one of the few credible auditors available in New Zealand and we are specialists in compliance. 

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CASE STUDY – Independent Audit

Fiducia was engaged to independently audit a digital personal finance company.

Prior to undertaking the audit, we discussed the level of assurance the business was looking for. After discussion, they decided they wanted a reasonable assurance engagement focusing on the head office.

We emailed the business a full list of the AML/CFT documents we needed to undertake a desk-based review; we used the desk-based review to assess whether their AML/CFT risk assessment and programme met the minimum requirements of the AML/CFT Act.

The onsite portion of the audit was carried out over a day in the business’ head office, and consisted of interviews with the AML/CFT Compliance Officer and senior staff members, and a forensic analysis of their customer and transaction files.

We issued the business its AML/CFT  independent audit report, which detailed the material, non-material and observational findings as to how materially the business complied with the AML/CFT Act. The Fiducia report contained detailed recommendations and practical suggestions for addressing the findings and strengthening their AML/CFT compliance regime.

Independent AML/CFT Audits


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