AML / CFT Training

Customised AML/CFT training that actually teaches you something

Say no to generic, tedious AML/CFT training. If you’re investing in the best AML/CFT compliance regime possible, then you need to make sure your staff know what it is and feel motivated to contribute to it.

Fiducia training is unique; you can access training modules specific to your industry, and specific to the current capacity and knowledge of your staff.

Fiducia offers training modules for every industry covered in NZ. We tailor our training to four key positions;

  • Governance/senior management
  • Frontline staff
  • Agents and third parties

We offer online training modules and we also offer customised on-site training. We can design presentations specific to your exact problems and needs right now, or we will adapt our online training to be branded to your company, incorporating links to your own policies, procedures and controls.

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A credit union’s AML/CFT compliance officer was not excited about the prospect of another year of AML/CFT training. Her staff had heard the generic training spiel three years in a row and the tedious training was contributing to the staff’s aversion to their AML/CFT requirements.

We knew it was time to do something different so that the messages stuck. We split the staff up: senior managers, back-office compliance teams, and customer-facing staff each had their own training modules. The training was delivered through interactive slides that tested the participant’s knowledge as they went, and was based entirely on the credit union’s own policies and procedures.

The training prompted genuine discussions amongst the staff groups and raised questions they felt motivated to find the answer to. By making the training relevant to their day to day realities, the AML/CFT compliance officer had got exactly what she was looking for.

AML / CFT Training


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