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Where there is no obvious answer to your particular compliance problem, we find one nonetheless. We know that it’s not easy to access all the information you need to stay AML/CFT compliant, and some issues need some sleeves-up creativity.

We combine our legal, banking and entrepreneurship expertise to solve your compliance problems, in the smartest way. You may need our help when:

  • You have failed a supervisor review and need remediation strategies;
  • You’re struggling to fit your AML/CFT regulatory requirements within the other financial regulations you are bound to;
  • You need an AML/CFT expert to assist you in navigating the New Zealand banking system.
  • You’re setting up a new financial services business in New Zealand and need to know where to start.

Compliance is becoming digital, just like every other part of your business. We’ve developed specialist tools to allow you to stay compliant while reducing costs and partnered with the best in the business to get you ahead of the pack.

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CASE STUDY – Compliance only where it matters

In non-financial businesses, there can be some confusion as to what activities fit within the AML/CFT Act.

Our client, a co-working space in Auckland within the trust-and-company-service-provider (TCSP) industry weren’t sure whether or not a particular service they offered fell within the AML/CFT Act. This was crucial, as it meant the difference between undertaking KYC on thousands of customers, or only a dozen.

Liaising directly with the DIA (the industry’s regulator), Fiducia presented a case that only a dozen, rather than all customers should be subject to KYC based on specific nature of the services offered by the business. The Fiducia presentation was accepted by the DIA.

This not only meant huge time and cost saving for our client but it allowed us to share this piece of policy development within the rest of the sector, creating greater security for others with a similar issue.


Fiducia makes AML compliance relevant and (gasp!) exciting. Claire cuts through the compliance jargon bs and really gets to know you and your business. She is not a cookie cutter like a number of other compliance consultants out in the market and she takes a hands-on approach to make a practical difference for your business.

Diana Simpson, Compliance Analyst


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