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The best businesses in New Zealand now know that AML/CFT compliance is a core part of their governance. In New Zealand it’s often still being dealt with in a reactive, bottom-up way  that can lead to liability for your board and senior managers and pain for your front line staff and customers. We provide tools and strategies that you don’t currently have in your business to reduce that liability and reduce that pain.

Through our market-first, customised strategy services we make sure your board, senior management and all staff know the “why” of AML/CFT compliance.

The result of Fiducia strategy services is never before seen insights into your own business and a confidence you can stay competitive, stay commercial, stay innovating, while staying robustly compliant.

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A national fund manager came to us following their failed AML/CFT independent audit and as they were applying for their FMA fund licence.

The business was completely overwhelmed by their AML/CFT requirements. The team was stressed out and throwing resources at a problem they felt they couldn’t control. There was a lack of understanding of AML/CFT within their board, senior management, and staff.

Within a six month period Fiducia developed a plan that would help bring order and confidence to their compliance requirements rather than a chaotic, reactionary approach. We held a series of workshops with staff to identify the data required and a session with the board to ensure they had enough information to make a decision on the level of regulatory risk they were prepared to carry.

Fiducia undertook a thorough investigation of their current operations to be clear on what was missing from their current regime and from there, the necessary tools, resources, policies and procedures they needed in the business. We communicated the plan to the FMA and AML/CFT independent auditor so there were no surprises come next audit.

The result of this strategic approach to their AML/CFT regime meant that they passed their next audit eight months later with flying colours.  The whole business  knew their role in the AML/CFT regime, meaning they could control their requirements, and escape their requirements controlling them.


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